Thank you for that moment

For some time now, I have closed access to my articles and perhaps some of you are wondering:



Too many « Thumbs » 👍 Too many « Likes » 💙 Too many « Thanks »! Too many subscribers !!!

I receive far too many thanks, exchanges or feedbacks from those whose instruments I’ve talked about – starting with mine especially, the world champions !!!!! – or from those whose work I talk about, their website, accessories, records, books, scores, reeds … !

So, of course…I’m overwhelmed, it’s too much…

No, in truth it’s…NOTHING ! 

Nichts, Niente, Nada… We get it! 😅

Only one major exception: the Marigaux company, which I sincerely thank for taking me seriously.

Yes, a little more recognition from some people would not have displeased me!

When you blog, you do it with pleasure, with passion. Nobody asks you anything or really solicits you but we do it. We want to give simply. You can live on love and fresh…Really ? We all know that’s not true…

I think I’ve done a rather demanding job, careful on the substance as well as on the form to hope for more than this cold consumption of my blog: we read, we look, we listen, we help ourselves and basta! Well I don’t like it.

No, I don’t discover the world!

But in my daily work, I frequent enough ungrateful people that I don’t want to continue to give for free without receiving at least once in a while a I like, a comment or see someone subscribe. Whether explicit or implicit, these gestures encourage and please.

Unless I have to wonder about the free nature of my site and charge for access? 

So I plan to give access to my articles again, for a while at least, and see if some things change.

I’m distancing myself from many articles and projects in my trash, but if in the future I have the wish to share a new article, then I will do so.

But in the meantime: Happy birthday Johann-Seb’, myself and…Thank you for that moment…

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  1. dgestojos dit :

    Meu caro, seu trabalho é muito bom, é uma mais valia para todos nós! Espero que continue a fazer bom trabalho! ( Para a frente é o caminho)
    Muito obrigado

    Daniel Guedes


    1. caro Daniel

      Muito obrigado pela sua mensagem. É muito gentil da sua parte.
      Boa sorte para você!



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